Maison BUCOL has been working with the most prestigious fashion designers and contemporary fashion brands for over a century. A creator and producer of high-end fabrics for the fashion industry, BUCOL proposes collections characterized by their elegance, finesse, colour and patterns.

Major fashion designers have been associating our unique brand with their most daring creations ever since the company was formed.


Saint Etienne end ofXVIII

By the end of the eighteenth century, Saint-Étienne had become the world’s ribbon weaving capital. The Colcombet family, a major name in this luxury industry, owned a ribbon manufacturing factory which had been founded in 1785. Subject to the whims of fashion, ribbon makers vied with each to produce precious satins, twill, taffeta and a multitude of new colours. The young Charles Colcombet brought this creative talent along with a willingness to take up a challenge to the silk fabric company, which he founded in 1924 together with fabric manufacturer, Claude Buchet. BUchet and COLcombet

Saint Etienne <small>end of</small><span>XVIII</span>
Bucol Bucol


A moreliberalfashion

Maison BUCOL was born in the 1920’s, the golden age of the Lyon silk trade. This was a prosperous time which accompanied a turning point in women’s fashion: the corset disappeared, figures became slimmer and luxury became more discreet, incorporating itself into the cut and material or the brand names. The number of high fashion companies increased in a quest for developing softly flowing fabrics, offering a great opportunity for silk fabric manufacturers.

BUCOL’s story began at this time of creative ferment, right in the heart of the prestigious ribbon industry.


The creative geniusof Charles Colcombet

In 1925, the company settled in Lyon, the birthplace of the silk industry. It did not take long before BUCOL’s creations were distributed around the world. At a very early stage, Charles Colcombet recognized the enormous potential of applying synthetic fibre to luxury textile creations. At his instigation, BUCOL offered fabric designers a level of quality and appearance, the like of which had never been seen before.

Innovation and creativity have been associated with the BUCOL brand ever since.

From silk
to luxury
synthetic fibre


Innovative fabricsby Bucol

Artificial and synthetic woven fibres blended with silk, cotton or linen and printed by BUCOL are included among the creations of major fashion designers. Rayon, acetate and nylon have gained credibility in the world of fashion. This revolution has been driven by names such as Croquignol, Zergalba, Cracknyl or even Cigaline

Bucol Bucol

BUCOL’s teams bring exceptional fabrics to life every day. These future textile archives provide the basis for today’s fashion and will nourish the fashion industry of tomorrow. BUCOL’s ambition is to continue to surprise and seduce, and to spread French style and elegance throughout the world.


Infinite combinationsof fibres

BUCOL does not leave natural fibres behind but explores the possibilities of weaving them together with nylon, Lurex or wool, or by creating daring combinations with synthetic and artificial fibres. When combined with polyamide, Lurex becomes “sculpted lamé”. Combined with the same polyamide, the fibre, Rhodia, produces Satin Buffle. Over the years, BUCOL has not stopped introducing new fibres and developing new spinning processes

Bucol Bucol Bucol Bucol


The ability toinnovate& surprise

Bucol Bucol Bucol Bucol Bucol

In 1962, Hilaire Colcombet took control of the company. Son of Charles Colcombet, this inspired creator set up a research and development department at BUCOL which was a rare yet visionary approach at the time. With designers, colour specialists and technical experts in weaving and finishing, this laboratory, which was extended with a sampling workshop, analyses all types of fibre and materials that could potentially become the future of the fashion industry.

Based on this approach, BUCOL’s collections exhibit shapes, materials and colours as never seen before. This ability to innovate and surprise attracts designers from Paris to New York, promoting the company’s dynamic image around the world.


Tailor-made creations

Tailor-made <span>creations</span>

In addition to its collections, BUCOL offers its customers innovative, tailor-made fabrics. The company develops its savoir-faire in reprinting archived textiles, placing its exceptional wealth of patterns and fabrics at the disposal of its customers. These archives become a source of inspiration for fashion houses

Bucol Bucol



In 1982, BUCOL turned to contemporary design with its “L’Art en soie” series and called upon some of the major artists of the time: Agam, Alechinsky, Delvaux, Dewasne, Hartung, Hundertwasser and Matta.

“My aim was to bring these major artists into contact with silk,” says Hilaire Colcombet, “and to encourage them to think of it not just as a surface to work on but as a flowing and workable material, brought to life through their creativity.”

... from art to fashion

In 1989, a group of renowned artists were again invited to take part in a project entitled “Un artiste, un foulard” (“An artist, a scarf”) project organised in commemoration of the French Revolution.
Aubanel, Ben, Combas, Geormillet, Le Cloarec, Monot, Pouillet and Scanreigh each came up with their own very personal and individual interpretations of this fundamental event in history during a creative activity which Aubanel was to nick-name “FullArt, Foulard”.

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New horizons for Bucol

BUCOL joined the Holding Textile Hermès (HTH) in 2001.
BUCOL brought to HTH its weaving factory, its precious expertise and its huge collection of archives. Backed by HTH, BUCOL can consistently pursue its policy of innovation, including, in particular, the development of extremely high-quality ink jet printing techniques.


During almost 100 years of textile creation, BUCOL has successfully established its reputation as a company known for excellence and modernity.

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Les archives BUCOL connaissent un nouveau souffle. Une politique ambitieuse de conservation et de valorisation est mise en place. Une vaste campagne de numérisation et d’indexation est lancée.

2019 / 2020

Bucol est remarqué sur les expositions “Yves Saint-Laurent, les coulisses de la haute couture” à Lyon au MTMAD Lyon et au Musée Yves Saint-Laurent de Paris.


Bucol lance son compte Instagram @maisonbucol

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BUCOL s’appuie sur son expérience passée et propose à ses clients du monde du Luxe et du secteur événementiel, le développement personnalisé de gammes d’accessoires, de la conception jusqu’à la finition.

Holding Textile Hermès which Bucol belongs to has been GOTS certified by Ecocert under licence number 228603.

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