Creative source

An infinite source of creativity. A collection of textiles and documents distinguished by their variety and richness. BUCOL’s archives provide a source of inspiration for creating modern textile designs. Based on this unique heritage, BUCOL reinvents textiles that respect the original version, or creates unique reinterpretations for its customers.

BUCOL’s teams can reproduce an archived pattern as closely as possible to the original version while, at the same time, giving it fresh creative impetus.

By playing with the design, colours, weight and feel of the fabric, each reinterpretation becomes a unique creation, linking the past to the present.

Thousands of archives at the service of textile creations

BUCOL’s archives are a living testimony to the history of the textile industry from the sixteenth century to the present day, with particular focus on the history of fashion from the end of the nineteenth century. They bring together thousands of original documents, samples, patterns and fabrics.

BUCOL’s archives are a precious historical memory that provide an inexhaustible source of inspiration for contemporary creations.

The modern and custom-made conservation premises that BUCOL has designed to house the archives is a unique and special place to work at the service of creation.