Exceptional fabrics


BUCOL has succeeded in establishing its expertise, and placing its savoir-faire at the service of textile creation. The only manufacturer to use the “Velours au Sabre” technique, BUCOL has also mastered the art of traditional frame-printed warp.

The “Velours au Sabre” technique

BUCOL’s exclusive savoir-faire.
This rare technique is used to create a velvet motif on a piece of fabric. Working by hand on double warp duchess satin, the artisan delicately cuts the uppermost satin surface with a sabre blade. This results in a beautiful velvet pattern adorning an exceptional piece of fabric.

Silk warp printing

This technique, which dates back to the nineteenth century, exemplifies BUCOL’s superior know-how. The design is frame-printed directly onto silk warps which are held together by temporary weft. After printing, the weft binding is removed by hand and the fabric is rewoven with a silk weft, creating the characteristic blurred motif for which this technique is known.