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Recognized expertise

Recognized expertise from designing yarn to creating fabric. Integrated workshops dedicated to weaving, printing and finishing. Prototypes, exceptional creations or long runs, BUCOL has all the resources required to bring even the most creative inspirations to life.


An extensive range of weaving techniques are used to add relief patterns, convey the magic of a blend or refine new materials.

One warp and one weft: the art of interwining yarns has become one of BUCOL’s specialist skills. The head of the team was awarded the prestigious title of “Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres” (Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters) in recognition for this unique savoir-faire in 2017.


BUCOL has a workshop dedicated to fine-tuning the most subtle colours and to developing the various processes which give the fabrics the shade, feel and fall that simulate the senses.

It is during these essential stages that the fabric takes on its definitive form and becomes flowing or stiff, smooth or crisp, sensual or coarse.


Each project has its own specific printing technique. Traditional frame or ink jet printing: BUCOL’s weaving plants have developed an unparalleled level of expertise in these techniques, enabling them to take up any challenge in terms of design and colour.

BUCOL’s engineers constantly endeavour to improve traditional techniques and perfect new ones.

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We are at your disposal to assist you in your textile research, whether by drawing on our numerous collections and archives, or by developing your own projects.

If you wish, we will gladly take the time to set up a virtual meeting where you can share your expectations.

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