BUCOL’s collections tell stories of fashion design. They are inspired by cultural and artistic events, partnerships and the company’s own archives. They demonstrate the subtle approach that is taken in the creation of patterns, colours and finishes, always reserving an element of surprise and emotion.

Dots' story

In spite of their simplicity, the dots stand out with nobility when perfectly aligned.

On the other hand, never will they take themselves seriously and their bouncing punctuation as well as their striking and contrasting colours prove their mischievous nature.

This extreme refinement tinged with a hint of innocence make them the symbol par excellence of “élégance à la française”.  

Exactly the feature that got highlighted in the New-Look revolution.

In an ode to feminity, BUCOL gives a new interpretation of dots’ story.

In a subliminal tale, the beauty of nature, as well as a fantasized kaleidoscopic vision or an emoticon-kind message of love appear behind dots.


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Le temps des possibles

Last resort

The city with clear perspectives is set in a liberated and soothing reading.

Suspended platform dominating the bustling nature.

From this orthonormal, sequenced haven, the decluttered spirit invents a language: wonder becomes pure.

Between infinitely large and infinitely small, everything tends to stabilize in a slow movement.

And the fight turns into balance.

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Le jardin des possibles

It is with the collaboration of Juraj Straka that Bucol invites you into an immersion into a botanical universe.

This capsule collection is a result of the links woven between the designer and Bucol's creative team, with which he had collaborated for several years.

For a suspended time, the walled garden of Burcht in Belgium becomes the setting of a heightened nature through a dozen drawings.

Those attached to the Bucol universe will be sensitive to emotion that emanates from this contemporary capsule that combines creative energy with poetic nostalgia.

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Les Iconiques

These traditional fabrics are produced by BUCOL in its weaving plants. They have now become indispensable textiles for major fashion houses. Their evocative names have influenced fashion in the past and continue to write its story into the future.

Double warp Duchess satin, Glitter Mousseline, Ice cream Charmeuse, Cigaline, Taffetas Merveille, Train Bleu

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Demander un RENDEZ-VOUS

Iam in altera philosophiae parte. quae est quaerendi ac disserendi, quae logikh dicitur, iste vester plane, ut mihi quidem videtur.

Demander un rendez-vous

Ne ratez rien de BUCOL

Iam in altera philosophiae parte. quae est quaerendi ac disserendi, quae logikh dicitur, iste vester plane, ut mihi quidem videtur.