Iconic fabrics


These traditional fabrics are produced by BUCOL in its weaving plants. They have now become indispensable textiles for major fashion houses. Their evocative names have influenced fashion in the past and continue to write its story into the future.

Double warp duchess satin

BUCOL’s duchess satin is a dense yet lightweight silk fabric produced from two layers of warp thread. 

Glitter mousseline

Sensual and luxurious glitter Mousseline is woven in our “ateliers”. It acquires its unique sheen from its Lurex warp. The silk crepe thread produces a lightweight and supple fabric.

Taffetas merveille

BUCOL’s 100% silk Taffetas merveille can be recognized by its crisp feel and subtle iridescent effect, obtained by the fine silks used to create it.

Le Train Bleu

The unique and distinctive feel of this fabric is achieved through the use of an exclusive wool yarn.
“Train bleu” is available in a wide range of colours. Its creator named it after the famous restaurant at the Gare de Lyon train station in Paris where he organised his meetings in the 1970s.

"Ice Cream" Charmeuse

BUCOL’s customers lovingly refer to this material as “the most beautiful of charmeuse fabrics”. Fullness, softness, lightness and lustre characterize this woven chiffon satin created with the finest of silk yarns. Behind its unique feel lies an artisanal dyeing process which respects the extremely delicate nature of this fabric.

Moussalza Crêpe

This fabric, which has become a basic staple, is made using silk crepe thread. An artisanal finishing technique gives it qualities such as lightness and flowing movement. Noble and minimalist, it is suitable for creating blouses, dresses and skirts and ideal for accessories.


This fabric is characterized by its honeycomb-like weave. Barely transparent, this silk fabric is a subtle blend of chiffon and organza.